About Us

Win Lee Fung Ltd, founded by Chairman Mr LI Nuen Kau in 1980, is an importer and distributor specialized in a wide range of dried sea food products including shark's fins, fish maws, sea cucumbers, and abalone. Win Lee Fung is located in the heart of the dried seafood product trading hub - Sheung Wan, Hong Kong. The company has a long history of procuring the best products from all over the world like China, Southeast Asia, India, Sri Lanka, the Middle East, Africa and South America. Renowned for its fair trade practice, Win Lee Fun Ltd is now one of the biggest wholesalers in the trade, particularly shark's fins and fish maws.

永利豐進出口有限公司,由主席李煖球於1980年成立,是一家專門從事進口和分銷廣泛的海味食品包括魚翅、魚肚、海參和鮑魚。公司位於海味食品交易中心的心臟地帶 - 香港上環,具有悠久的歷史,業務主要從世界各地如中國、東南亞、 印度、斯里蘭卡、中東、非洲和南美洲採購最好的產品。永利豐進出口有限公司一向以公平貿易,成為目前最大是魚翅和魚肚的批發商之一。